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Vaganova update

Posted on January 6, 2014

vaganova academy

vaganova-academyNikolai Tsiskaridze, the incoming rector of St Petersburg’s Vaganova Academy, has announced the resignation of prorector Alexei Fomkin.

The announcement, reported in Russian newspaper Izvestia, follows protests at Tsiskaridze’s appointment, replacing former rector Vera Dorofeeva and artistic director Altynai Asylmuratova. Fomkin has resigned at his own request, saying that the fact of his resignation is sufficient commentary in itself.

Fomkin was among 32 members of staff at the Vaganova Academy who had signed an appeal to Russian president Vladimir Putin against Tsiskaridze. This appeal has proved controversial, with the Ministry of Culture alleging that signatures had been attached to a different document, then appended to the Putin appeal.

Tsiskaridze has not yet been confirmed as rector. Fomkin had planned to contest the appointment. Maryinsky principal Ilya Kuznetsov, who plans to stand against Tsiskaridze as rector, suggests that Fomkin has been offered a position in Moscow.

With thanks to Tony Devereux for translation.


Picture: the Vaganova Academy, St Petersburg



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