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Posted on March 24, 2011

Transtango, Patricia Bossio’s collaborative project that fuses music, dance and film, presents Dreaming Cities at Kings Place, London, between March 31 and April 2.

Dreaming Cities is a celebration of three great cities – London, Rio and Buenos Aires – and the work is a collaborative effort between artists from all three countries. 

Inspired by the growth and fusion of urban encounters and the way that the dispossessed and marginalised have used music and dance to express, mourn and celebrate their transitive states, this new series of urban encounters includes interpretations on the origins of tango and samba, a roundtable discussion on the way that artists and academics have worked together to produce the experience, and the original film, Transtango

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Nicola Rayner was editor of Dance Today from 2010 to 2015. She has written for a number of publications including The Guardian, The Independent and Time Out Buenos Aires, where she cut her teeth as a dance journalist working on the tango section. Today she continues to dance everything from ballroom to breakdance, with varying degrees of success. Her debut novel, The Girl Before You, was published last year in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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