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Strictly Speaking week 7

Phew! A return to form following last week’s Halloween hellscape, with some great performances, the series’ first multiple 10s, and Jeremy Vine riding a horse. All that, AND copious amounts of genuinely informative training footage? You’re spoiling us, Mr Ambassador. As we’re now at the halfway stage, it was no surprise to see genial duffer […]

Strictly speaking

Week 5 This year’s Strictly is becoming renowned for “shock” dance-offs, even though there’s nothing truly shocking about two mediocre lower-leaderboard pairs landing in the bottom. Perhaps more noteworthy is how it’s resisting the producers’ attempts at forced narratives: the hunky sportsman failed to set pulses racing, ditto the supposedly irresistible boy band member, while Judy […]

An Audience with Len Goodman

Tickets are now available for “An Audience with…” Strictly Come Dancing‘s head judge, Len Goodman, at Cheltenham Town Hall on Friday, August 29.

Do you Charleston?

Silver River production company is looking for enthusiasts who can do a bit of Charleston to join them for some filming at Café de Paris on Friday, August 1, from 9am to 3pm, as part of a new BBC series about the history of British dance presented by Len Goodman and Lucy Worsley.

Strictly speaking

Week 10 “We will not have another disaaaahstrous week,” they said. “We will have jazz hands, and the movie musical equivalent of Stars in Their Eyes, and Ann Summers’ take on a Disney dressing-up box!” they said. “We will have props, and pizzazz, and incongruous ghostly backing dancers, and the hills will be alive with […]

Strictly speaking

Strictly speaking Week 4 mercifully spared us an official theme, but Len-lovers might well it christen it Messin’ Abaht Week. The VT field trips grew increasingly pointless, training footage increasingly elusive, and the routines and music choices increasingly bizarre. No wonder Bruno fell off his chair in a fit of mild hysteria. It could have been […]

Dance Today Teacher of the Year: the results

As they say on Strictly, “the votes have been counted and verified”… and we are very happy to reveal the winner of the first ever Dance Today Teacher of the Year competition. Huge congratulations to Pauline Mason of Danceworks in Devon, the teacher with the most reader votes, and congratulations, too, to runners-up sisters Suzanne […]

Strictly Speaking

Strictly Speaking Week 10 Saturday “Strictly” Strikes Back with a wonderfully hammy Star Wars opening to movie night, complete with Brucie enacting the MGM lion struck down by tonsillitis. ‘Our pros’ kicked off proceedings with their film fest: Grease (Kristina, naturally, in Olivia Newton-John’s leathers and Robin rocking out as Danny), Top Gun (poser Aviators […]

Strictly Speaking

Week 3 Week 3 of “Strictly” equals The Week To Panic, according to the opening VT, after the SHOCK of seeing someone eliminated last week (was this unexpected?). “They’ve realised this dancing malarkey is difficult,” says Tess solemnly. Cue montage of STRESSING OUT.

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