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International Championships

November 2015 issue

  There’s an international slant to November’s Dancing Times, with features on the Peking Opera, British male dancers working overseas and a report from the International Championships in ballroom and Latin dance. Our cover stars are The Royal Ballet’s Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball, whose debuts as the star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet are […]

October 2015 issue!

  New season, new beginnings! With this issue, Dancing Times incorporates our sister magazine, Dance Today, which for nearly 60 years covered all aspects of social dancing. The new combined magazine goes back to our roots: from the beginning, Dancing Times covered all kinds of dance, from the ballroom to the stage. The new issue […]

The International Championships 2010: Latin semi-finals

For those who have never been to see the finals of the International Championships, I can only say, you have missed out on one of the truly remarkable dancing calendar dates. Aside from the obviously superb dancing on show, the fabulous music from Ross Mitchell and his team, and the incomparable organisational skills of Dance […]

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