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Blackpool Dance Festival

Blackpool so far!

The 87th Blackpool Dance Festival is nearing its climax with the Professional Ballroom Championship and Latin Formation events taking place today, June 1. Yesterday saw the completion of the Invitation Exhibition event and the Amateur Ballroom Championship, in which Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet, dancing for Denmark, triumphed. 


The 87th Blackpool Dance Festival starts today, the beginning of nine days of top flight competitive dancing. Launched in 1920, Blackpool is the most iconic of ballroom and Latin championships, a goal and a dream for dancers across the world.

DSI to capture Blackpool magic on film

We have exciting news for readers of Dance Today! DSI London, which is launching its new media division this week,, will be recording the drama of Blackpool 2012 in a new film deal and sharing clips with us here, on Dance Today’s website.

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