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Bill Harpe

Bill’s dance marathon

Bill Harpe, a long-standing contributor to Dancing Times, is undertaking a 12-hour dance marathon on Saturday, September 19, in order to raise funds to cover a 35 per cent cut in Arts Council support over three years for The Black-E in Liverpool, the UK’s first community arts project, where he has been actively involved since […]

Feelgood Theatre Company and Theatre Under Fire in Macbeth, Heaton Park, Manchester

Macbeth Shakespeare’s words are a wonder of the world, but his dramatic world was also a world of physical theatre, and closer to song and dance than we sometimes remember today. We should remind ourselves that his most famous clown, William Kempe, who was surely a great mover on stage for the Bard, was as […]

Ballet Boyz II

Ballet Boyz II: The Next Generation in Laws of Motion Gene Kelly danced in the rain, and anyone proposing to dance in the open air in the UK should be prepared to do the same. However, a gentle downpour and a wet concrete surface following some hours of rain, prevented Ballet Boyz II from giving […]

The Kosh in The Storeroom at the Unity Theatre Liverpool

Shortly after an evening out with The Kosh I spent an evening in with Alfred Hitchcock.  The evening out at The Storeroom was advertised as “A Magical Cabaret”, and the evening in with BBC 4 announced a documentary feature titled “Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock”. Yet what emerged from this seemingly unrelated juxtaposition was […]

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