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Alan Foley

Cork City Ballet Gala

Cork City Ballet will celebrate its 21st birthday with a Ballet Spectacular Gala programme, presented at Cork Opera House from November 21 to 23. Stars include guest ballerina Lucia Lacarra, who danced with Roland Petit’s Ballet de Marseille, San Francisco Ballet and the Bavarian State Ballet. She will appear with her partner Marlon Dino.

Centenary gala for Joan Denise Moriarty

Joan Denise Moriarty (pictured with Alan Foley) the Irish dancer, teacher and choreographer, will be celebrated with a gala celebration in Shandon, Cork this March.

Maryinsky dancers for Cork City Ballet Swan Lake

Cork City Ballet’s new Swan Lake, at Cork Opera House from November 24–27, will star Sofia Gumerova and Nikita Shcheglov from the Maryinsky Ballet.

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