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Rest and win!

Posted on July 22, 2014


Dancers who post pictures of themselves at rest can win goodies from Dancing Times and Dance UK! With Dance UK, we have launched a social media campaign to promote the importance of rest for dancers. During July and August 2014, dancers are encouraged to share photographs of themselves resting, posted to facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #dancersneedrest.

Erin Sanchez, Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer programme manager, and ZoĆ« Anderson, news editor of Dancing Times, will choose the best photograph. The winner will receive a year’s Dance UK membership, a 12-month Dancing Times subscription and a selection of books about dancers’ health.

Entry is open to all professional and student dancers, and to anyone else who loves dancing. Photographs can show dancers doing anything that offers a rest from normal dance training and performing: reading, sunbathing, sightseeing, yoga… the more creative, the better! The deadline is August 31, 2014, and the winning image will be printed in the October issue of Dancing Times.

The campaign is part of Dance UK’s work promoting healthier dance practice. Adequate rest is a vital component of a balanced training programme. It gives the brain and body time to process movement and information, as well as reducing the physical and psychological risks of burnout and overuse injuries. For more information, see

Pictured are English National Ballet’s Grant Rae, James Streeter and Laurent Liotardo. Photograph: ASH.

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