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Rambert School

Posted on November 1, 2021

Rambert School, based in South West London, has an international reputation for delivering elite vocational dance training. The equal emphasis on ballet and contemporary dance is arguably unique within the UK and the curriculum is enriched by input from guest artists and choreographers from the profession.

Throughout the School’s history, of almost 100 years, the creative energy and spirit of the founder, Marie Rambert, have endured. Rambert famously stated that “her School should not be a sausage factory”. Each individual is carefully supported, during training and often beyond, through a programme which is flexible enough to cater for individual physical differences and which fosters personal reflection and research.

Rambert School attracts a diverse range of students from across the world, with around 40 per cent from outside the UK. The diversity of cultures at the School encourages a cross-fertilisation of ideas, and creates graduates who are both open to new concepts and respectful of cultural diversity.

Graduates are characterised by their individuality, creativity, artistic expression and strong technique. They can be found in all areas of the profession as dancers, choreographers, teachers, academics and directors.

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Photographs: Nicole Guarino.

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