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Royal Academy of Dance Members access page

Posted on February 25, 2021

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Welcome to the Dancing Times website. As a member of the Royal Academy of Dance, you can access a free digital version of the magazine each month as a special benefit to celebrate the Academy’s centenary. To view your digital magazine, simply accept the Terms and Conditions* and click the link that becomes available. From there you can enter the password you received in your email to view the issue for free. We hope you enjoy the magazine. 

Dancing Times would also like to remind members of the Royal Academy of Dance that they can get an annual subscription of the print magazine for just £26. To find out more, click here

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1. The offer is available ONLY to current members of the Royal Academy of Dance

2. The digital magazine is for the personal use of the individual Royal Academy of Dance member only, and must not be made accessible by them to other persons/organisations without prior permission from Dancing Times

3. Each issue of the magazine can only be viewed by the Royal Academy of Dance member, and must not be copied, printed or reproduced in any other format (including use on social media) without prior permission from Dancing Times

4. This offer is available for as long as the individual person remains a member of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Access your magazine

To access the magazine, click the cover and enter the password supplied with the Royal Academy of Dance Newsletter

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