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New dancewear collection by cover star

Posted on November 19, 2020

Bethany Kingsley Garner

Our September cover star Bethany Kingsley Garner, principal dancer with Scottish Ballet, has launched her own dancewear collection with Move Dance. The range was developed and created by Bethany with the help of a team of creators at Move Dance.

She writes: “We have been busy evolving and perfecting the collection, taking inspiration from timeless classics beloved by generations of inspirational icons. Then adding detail that has personal special meaning to me. Finally, finishing off with a modern twist in line with today’s trends.

“As a principal ballerina, I love to reflect on the personal journey I have travelled to this point in my career, and that has helped create who I am today. [I wanted] to create a collection that would celebrate a journey and what has inspired me along the way, from the people, to the music, to the roles I have performed or the ballets that have defined me.”

For a closer look at the range, click here and to read about Bethany’s inspiration, click here.

Pictured: Bethany Kingsley Garner. 

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