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May 2009

Posted on April 4, 2009


There is no escaping the celebrations for the centenary of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in Dancing Times this month. It’s hard to imagine how the international dance world might have evolved without the impact made by this extraordinary company – there would certainly be no UK ballet or contemporary dance scene as we know it today – and it is entirely appropriate we should reflect on the astonishing legacy of the Ballets Russes in its centenary year.

Dancing Times itself was born just one year later, in 1910, and extensively recorded the company in its pages following their first performances in London in 1911. In the September issue of 1911, we reported that: “…the London opera season of 1911 has been marked by a complete triumph of the Russian Ballet. Old frequenters of Covent Garden are ready to maintain that nothing of its kind equalling it has been seen upon these historic boards, at all events within living memory”. On page 15, Iris Fanger gives a tantalising glimpse of what promises to be a fascinating new Ballets Russes exhibition currently on display at Harvard University and on page 19 Sarah Woodcock demonstrates the lasting impression Diaghilev, his collaborators and his dancers made on the worlds of film, theatre and literature. Also this month, we conclude Sheila Cross’ invaluable series of articles on dance degrees on page 29 and Louise Bennett’s informative guide to European companies for dancers about to embark on a professional career on page 43. Diaghilev would surely be amazed to see how much dance has changed since his death in 1929.

Jonathan Gray

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15 BALLETS RUSSES 100 On display. A look at the Harvard Theatre Collection’s exhibition by Iris Fanger

19 BALLETS RUSSES 100 Refractions. Sarah Woodcock describes the influence of Diaghilev’s
Ballets Russes on theatre, film, literature and fashion

22 BALLETS RUSSES 100 Ballets Russes de Serge Diaghilev. Part 7 researched
by Sarah Woodcock

25 Outstanding Achiever. Part 2 of Barbara Newman’s interview with Richard Alston

29 Dance by Degrees. Part 3. Sheila Cross looks at career progression

35 Danza in Fiera. Katie Gregory reports on
the Italian dance festival

39 Behind the scenes at the museum. Kathy Elgin visits the new theatre and performance galleries at the V&A

43 Dancing Around Europe. Part 8. By Louise Bennett

46 Another Opening.
Barbara Newman reviews Twelfth Night After William
Shakespeare and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

51 DanceScene International UK: The Royal Ballet, Flamenco Festival London,
American Ballet Theatre, Russell Maliphant OVERSEAS: Paul Taylor Dance Company, Lucy Guerin Inc, The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet

72 Obituary. Eva Evdokimova and Doris Barry



6 Dancematters. RB and BRB plans, New Flyte pointe shoe

10 Letters to the Editor

12 Talking Point. By David Vaughan

69 Letter from St Petersburg. By Igor Stupnikov

71 Miscellany. Spanish Dance Society

75 Teachers & Training. Gala at White Lodge, IDTA Awards, Tring Park

79 Classified

80 Where to Learn

82 Calendar

91 DVD reviews



93 Dancer of the Month – Sergei Polunin.
Interviewed by Margaret Willis

96 BALLETS RUSSES 100 IntoDance. Ballets Russes celebrations around the world

98 Your Page.

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