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Fringe focus

Posted on September 21, 2016


The arrival of the Fringe Festival each year turns solid, respectable Edinburgh into a blur of manic physical and visual experience. Throughout the city, the most unlikely spaces become performance venues, in which cramped church vestibules, paint-peeling basements, the wings – or even the stages themselves – morph into pop-up green rooms for hectic costume-change, make-up, and pre-performance practice (and of course the nervous last-minute warm-up).

The aim of this series of photographs was to capture the side of the Fringe performances that the public normally doesn’t see: the lighting and sound engineer keeping one eye on the clock shouting out a countdown to the acts; the buzz backstage as the doors open and the audience arrives; the dancers as they scuttle behind curtains or into darkened corners awaiting their cue; and, of course, the photographer’s-eye-view of the performances themselves.

It was a rare privilege for the Dancing Times camera to enter just for a few moments into the world of these companies, chosen – a select few from the many possibilities – for the opportunities they offered to capture vividly at least a partial narrative of dance performance at the Fringe. Originating from Eastern Europe, South America, Australia and the UK, the dancers leave the Fringe for their next destinations, sometimes half way around the planet, to fulfil their demanding schedules in whatever exotic venues await their arrival.

All photographs by Adam Cochrane


Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club production of Alice



Arts printing house in Contemporary?



Paraladossanjos in Molhados&Secos (Wet and Dry)



Java Dance Company in In The Wine



Lunas Dance Project in Poetic Transformations of Poetic Delight



Lithuanian Theatre Agency in Trinity

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