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Darkness Poomba: Korean dance in London

Posted on September 27, 2016

3 Darkneess Poomba by Manning

Modern Table, a Korean dance and music group led by choreographer Kim Jae-Duk, make their UK debut at The Place from October 24 to 25, as part of K-Music, London’s festival of Korean music.

Darkness Poomba takes contemporary and Korean traditional dance, blending it with live music inspired by ancient Korean song – the “poomba” of the title. It reinterprets traditional poomba tunes, through dance and modern sound media, including rock music. Three musicians play guitar, bass and drums, while the dancers perform on a bare stage and throughout the theatre.

Coming to London after a successful European tour, Darkness Poomba combines ancient and modern Korean music. It’s part of a wider festival that includes folk music, jazz, and a collaboration between Kyungso Park, who plays the traditional Korean gayageum, and saxophonist Andy Sheppard. The festival runs until October 25. Visit for details.

For tickets and more information about Darkness Poomba, visit

Modern Table in Darkness Poomba. Photograph by Manning

Pictures: Modern Table in Darkness Poomba. Photographs by Manning


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