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Dancing World Record

Posted on February 26, 2013

world record

world-recordOn March 23, Dave Turner and Katie Walton (pictured) aim to set a new Guinness World Record for a couple dancing the longest distance. The record attempt will raise money to support a young dancing family and for Birmingham Women’s Hospital’s “Tiny Babies, Big Appeal”.


Money is being raised for dancesport competitors Dean and Helen John and their new baby, Ella. Helen gave birth on January 13 by emergency Caesarean section, and suffered a ruptured liver while giving birth. Helen was found to have inoperable, terminal cancer of the liver and bile duct. She has now been allowed home to spend time with her husband and baby. Dean, who is self-employed, has stopped work while he cares for Helen and Ella.


The record attempt will raise money for this family, and for their nominated charity, the neonatal unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, which cared for Ella immediately after her birth.


The current world record was set by Kelly Ranasinghe and Victoria Sudakov, who danced a distance of 5.02 km in 2003. Dave and Katie will make their new record attempt at Hadley Stadium in Birmingham, where they expect to do at least 20 laps of the 400m athletics track. They plan to dance the foxtrot, quickstep and waltz, though you can suggest more dances at their facebook page.


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