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Dance Today Video Gallery

Natanya van der Lingen captures the Solo Charleston and Strictly Lindy competitions at the London Jitterbug Championships 2010

Natanya van der Lingen captures Ryan Hammond and Lindsey Muckle, perform a cha cha cha / samba at Karen Hardy’s Rumba Lounge event

Natanya van der Lingen captures the Jack & Jill competition at Swing Patrol’s Blues Baby Blues


A twist on ‘The Dying Swan’. A collaboration between cellist Yo-Yo-Ma and LA street dancer Lil Buck

Leonardo Acosta and Tracey Tyack-King as featured in October’s issue of Dance Today

Amateur Latin dancers Ferdinando Iannaccone & Yulia Musikhina dance the rumba at Dance Options Cheam’s World Amateur Allstars

Each week, from now until Christmas, Dance Today will be sharing an excerpt from the jive section of the Dance with Vincent & Flavia app, for which we are very proud to be media sponsors. This week, Vincent takes the boys through the basic steps

Next, Flavia takes us through the follower’s steps. Don’t forget, you can download the app here

This week, from the Dance with Vincent and Flavia app, Vincent and Flavia show us how the basic steps in jive are danced with a partner…

And here is the basic jive footwork danced in slow motion…

In our final clip from the Dance with Vincent and Flavia app Flavia counts us through the basic jive steps…

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