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Travels with my dance

World Ballet Day 2018

This month I’d like to offer some thoughts on this year’s World Ballet Day. Last year’s online marathon of behind-the-scenes ballet viewing was, I felt, vital for our industry because it enabled dance-lovers to go behind the curtain and witness the kind of experiences that made me want to spend my life in dance. My […]

Stepping out

The city of New York doesn’t feel like any other part of the US I’ve visited. When you’re walking down Sixth Avenue, or jumping on to a subway at Times Square, you walk a bit quicker and hold a little more elasticity in your body; you could go anywhere and do anything. In the middle […]

From ballet to Broadway

I travelled to Asia for the first time this June to watch my partner perform in the production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh’s musical Cats that is currently in tour in China. My ten-day stay in Shanghai is a talking point in itself. Reading J G Ballard’s Empire of the Sun as a […]

Back in town by Daniel Pratt

A huge smile probably doesn’t dawn across the face of many people on their commute into the City each morning, but that’s what happened to me one morning in late May as I descended the steps out of the mainland station at Cannon Street in London. I was home. Working for most of the year […]

Travels with my dance

This week: dancefloors – the good, the bad and the ugly The worst floor I’ve ever danced on was the floating nightclub in Leith, Scotland during a rueda salsa class. The club itself was beautiful: a vintage steam yacht, whose ice white paintwork and polished brass sparkled in the reflected street lights – a picture […]

Travels with my dance

This week: where have all the young men gone?  Last night I was at a modern jive and Argentine tango event and there was a young guy dancing. He was, as my female partner said, “hot” in every sense: good-looking, fast on the floor, talented. He was more or less fighting young women off. As […]

Travels with my dance

This week: Village hall heroes Last year I was dancing in the Highlands of Scotland and in the north of England. As I mentioned in my previous blog, if you are in a rural area, you don’t get the option of choosing what kind of dancing you do – it’s a case of doing whatever […]

Travels with my dance

New Dance Today blogger Andrew Stone (pictured dancing with Aila Floyd of the Bee’s Knees) travels all over the UK with his work and takes his dancing in whatever form he can. This week: Should you cross over?  Crossover dancing and events are usually born of a dance environment found in the more rural areas […]

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