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English National Ballet’s Creature

Does anyone understand what happens in Creature, Akram Khan’s new ballet for English National Ballet? I know I wasn’t the only person it confused. On the bus after the performance, my guest said to me, “Well, we know she was raped,” and the woman sitting behind us, a complete stranger, leaned forward and added, “And […]

Strictly Speaking: Week 5

Well that’s more like it. After a rather exhausted, grouchy hangover show last week, Strictly was back on form with several really impressive routines, a scattering of 10s, a new bread-based-ography, and the judges wandering idly down memory lane. The race to the final is still too close to call, even if it felt like […]

Tango Week

It’s time to tango! Tango Week – seven days filled with free Argentine tango events – kicks off from October 22 to 28 across the four UK countries. Designed to introduce the public to the Argentine tango, its culture and music, the week is presented by the UKATA (the UK Argentine Tango Association), the body […]

Strictly Speaking: Week 4

Ah, the theme week hangover. Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing was very much the bleary, old contact lenses stuck to eyelids, two Alka-Seltzers dissolved in ginger ale, nibbling at cold leftover pizza while moaning softly morning-after to Movie Week’s night of ecstatic clubbing. No one was dishing out points for mistakes. Craig all but set his […]

Strictly Speaking: Week 3

Ah, Strictly theme weeks: synonymous with high drama, rampant scoring inflation, and a heady mix of glamour and the dredges of a three-year-old’s dressing-up box. This Movie Week was no exception: we got 10s; we got tears; and we got costumes that are so psychologically scarring that they will actually be the last thing I […]

Strictly Speaking: Week 2

Welcome to the Thunderdome! Week 1 was all pats on the back for even finding your way into the studio; now, the real Strictly judging begins. Well, sort of. Once again, we found our panel in a mercurial mood, dishing out everything from 3s to 9s with the whimsy of a giggling child dictator. Most […]

World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day 2021 will take place this year on October 19. The global celebration returns for its eighth instalment, bringing together a host of the world’s leading companies for a packed day of dance. Over the course of the day, rehearsals, discussions and classes will be streamed for free across six continents, offering behind-the-scenes […]

October 2021 issue

I have some sad news to impart to you this month. Jack Anderson, who has been contributing to Dancing Times for 50 years as our regular New York correspondent, has decided to retire from writing about dance, and on page 57 of this issue he offers us his final “Notes from New York” column. It […]

Dance Umbrella’s digital programme 

Dance Umbrella, London’s annual international dance festival has announced its digital programme of performances, conversations, films and discussions. London Battle, conceived and created by Jade Hackett, brings together some of the most exciting talent from London’s hip-hop dance scene in a celebration of the capital’s globally renowned dance and music culture. As a DJ plays […]

Strictly Speaking: Week 1

We’re off! This opener had everything we love about Strictly: dance, drama and dance-drama; a bewildering costume lottery; Tess patronising people to within an inch of their lives; scoring that began sane and then descended into utter chaos; and, most important, contestants we’d never heard of before this claiming a place in our hearts.  On […]

Dance International Glasgow

Dance International Glasgow returns to the city from October 1 to 23. The line-up showcases a variety of dance styles, established and emerging artists, unusual locations and use of technology. Highlights this year include Create Reality – a showcase of performance and visual art that uses VR, created by Glasgow artists and performers Ashanti Harris, […]

Strictly Speaking: Launch show

Marianka Swain introduces the Class of 2021 Hurrah, we’re back! Hello, fellow Strictly watchers – I’m so glad that our Saturday nights are sparkly once more. The show really got me through the darkness of winter 2020 and it promises to be a joy again, this time with a full run, a cast of 15 […]

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