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Step Up 4: Miami Heat

When it comes to street dance films, as a rule of thumb, if you have come to the cinema expecting to be moved by an intricate plot, credible dialogue and emotive acting, you are at the wrong screening. On the other hand, if you hope to be impressed by some thrilling dancing and boldly choreographed […]

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Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance launches at Goldsmiths

An interesting project – building a cultural bridge between the UK and China –has begun in south-east London. In June, Goldsmiths, University of London launched the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance with inspirational speeches from Chinese and UK officials and beautiful performances from artists from both countries.

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West Side Story at the Royal Albert Hall

Celebrating 50 years since the seminal West Side Story first finger-snapped its way into cinemas, a remastered version of the Oscar-winning classic film will be shown this week on the big screen at London’s Royal Albert Hall, with Leonard Bernstein’s electrifying score played live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (RPCO).

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Rokpa kids on tour

Dance Today was lucky enough to be at Kagyu Samye Dzong Centre, Bermondsey, on June 13, for a very special performance by the “Rokpa kids on tour”.

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Celebrating Nina

Jonathan Gray journeyed to Tbilisi in Georgia, to see the celebrations marking Nina Ananiashvili’s 30 years on stage. Here, he offers a personal tribute to a great ballerina   Not so very long ago, it was not unusual for a ballerina’s career to last well into her forties and beyond – just think of some […]

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Why Waste Wayne?

In an extraordinary letter sent to Dancing Times, a group of ballet lovers and supporters of English National Ballet, who have asked to remain anonymous, wonder about the reasons behind the resignation of ENB’s artistic director, Wayne Eagling. Titled “Why Waste Wayne?”, the group also questions the judgement of ENB’s Board of Directors. We publish […]

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Elektro Kif

Elektro Kif , at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, on March 2, opens with vibrant energy. Following a day in the life of an all-male group of college students, the show begins by introducing each of the eight boys one by one: there’s the bully-boy, the geek and the stylish hip-shaker. The clear definition of […]

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The complicated truth

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Matthew Lawrence investigates eating disorders in ballet   Ballet is suffering a Black Swan hangover. Darren Aronofsky’s movie has unwittingly re-fuelled debate over the prevalence of eating disorders amongst dancers. With contradictory accounts creating a maelstrom of controversy, it once again raises the question: What is the truth?

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Dance on the silver screen

Marianka Swain reflects on the allure of dance films and reveals the results of our reader survey. This article was first published in the October 2011 issue of Dance Today “Sacrilege!” “Don’t touch it!” “You’ll never re-create the magic!” These were a few of the less hysterical – and profane – responses to news that […]

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Twelve Minutes of Love

Dance memoirs can be a hackneyed genre – many a shoe has trodden the path to Latin America in search of the soul of tango or salsa, but Kapka Kassabova’s Twelve Minutes of Love: A Tango Story is a superior sort of recollection: a beautiful book, beautifully written.

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“Strictly” legends

Dance Today‘s “Strictly” blogger, Marianka Swain, remembers her favourite “Strictly” partnerships… As promised, I’ve been compiling a list of my all-time “Strictly” legends. Whether good, bad or downright Crazytown, these 20 pairings have, in my opinion, defined the show, and with Russell cementing his place in this illustrious company, now seems like the perfect time […]

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The cast of Napoletango knows how to make an entrance. For a while, we sit in the London Coliseum waiting for them. Then in they burst – and there are lots of them, 19 in all – trailing down the aisles laden with suitcases and blankets and all manner of luggage.

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