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Strictly Speaking

Strictly Speaking

Week 3 Week 3 of “Strictly” equals The Week To Panic, according to the opening VT, after the SHOCK of seeing someone eliminated last week (was this unexpected?). “They’ve realised this dancing malarkey is difficult,” says Tess solemnly. Cue montage of STRESSING OUT.

Strictly Speaking

Week 2 Two words: ballroom battle! Week 2 of “Strictly” was all about the top couples trying to retain their positions and the disappointing pairs working to redeem themselves. The leaderboard got a shake-up, with some rising (Patsy) and others plummeting (Gavin). And, of course, we had to wave farewell to one couple.

Strictly speaking

Week 1 Hello and welcome! It’s nice to see you, to see you… I really hope you all yelled “nice” at your screens. Series 8 of “Strictly Come Dancing” took its first hesitant steps onto the floor at the scandalously late time of 9pm on Friday (no need to do your shopping early), and it […]

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