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Dance with confidence

Posted on August 27, 2019

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Well, it had to happen eventually, but it’s that “back to school” time of year! Dancers are already busy preparing their dance kits, and also looking for great things to buy, so to coincide BLOCH has just launched its brand-new Back to School campaign. Titled “Dance With Confidence”, BLOCH wants dancers to feel inspired, confident, supported and empowered whilst continuing to perfect their art in their dance classes. Through its innovative dancewear and footwear range, BLOCH truly believes they will be fully prepared for the school year ahead.


To show you exactly what’s on offer with the “Dance With Confidence” campaign, BLOCH has partnered up with the celebrated Manhattan-based dance photographer Jordan Matter, whose lively, exuberant work can be seen in books such as Born to Dance, Dancers After Dark and Dancers Among Us. Thanks to BLOCH, eight talented young dancers helped Jordan capture the energy, excitement and fun of a new dance year by going on a wild adventure through the streets of New York. The young people jumped, turned and spun through Brooklyn, Central Park, Times Square and the New York Subway, as well as BLOCH’s flagship store close to the Lincoln Center in Manhattan, too, taking on Jordan’s signature dance challenges along the way. They were, of course, totally prepared for the assignment as they were fully equipped in key BLOCH essentials.

To see the range and follow the adventure, check out Jordan’s campaign video and images below.

Madeline Underwood wears Warm-up booties (£36), Nejor leotard (£18) and Barre Skirt (£16)

Olivia Taylor (right) wears Ebo Leotard (£41), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), and Bloch Elegance Pointe Shoes (£80)
Iliana Victor (left) wears Hava Leotard (£30), Bloch Balance European Pointe Shoes (£54)
Madeline Underwood (jumping) wears Nejor Leotard (£18), Barre Skirt (£16), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), Bloch Balance European Pointe Shoes (£54)
Ivana Radan (in splits on floor) wears Parem (£13), Barre Skirt (£16), Performa Ballet Shoes (£16)

James Jobson-Larkin wears Performa Mens’ Ballet Shoes (£21)
Ivana Radan wears Parem (£13), Barre Skirt (£16), Performa Ballet Shoes (£16)

Rachel Quiner wears Nejor Leotard (£18), Soft Juliet Skirt (£16), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), Performa Ballet Shoes (£20)

Joey Little wears Performa Mens’ Ballet Shoes (£21), Mens’ Footed Tights (£22)
Rachel Quiner wears Faire Leotard (£18), Soft Juliet Skirt (£16), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), Bloch Balance European Pointe Shoes (£54)

Rachel Quiner (right) wears Nejor Leotard (£18), Soft Juliet Skirt (£16), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), Performa Ballet Shoes (£20)
Iliana Victor wears Nejor Leotard (£18), Soft Juliet Skirt (£16), Contoursoft Footed Tights (£7), Performa Ballet Shoes (£20)

All photographs by JORDAN MATTER. 

BLOCH has put together a list of three key pieces of advice it hopes will help: Be prepared; Practice makes perfect; and Dance with confidence.


To be prepared for the future, BLOCH suggests you go through your dance school checklist and make sure you know exactly what new essentials you need. Get online and do some research to find out what suits you best, and don’t forget those essential accessories, like a good quality dance bag, which you are also sure to need.


Practice makes perfect. The old adage is true: miss one class, and you know it; miss two classes and your teacher knows it; miss three and your audience knows it! As all top dancers will confirm, you need to work, work, work in order to achieve the very best results. BLOCH believes that when you fall out of a pirouette, for example, build up your confidence and try, try, try again; trust in your abilities – it’s amazing what you can achieve with some practice.


Confidence shows; you can have all the “tricks” in the bag, but BLOCH thinks the dancers who really shine are the ones who just beam with pure confidence, radiating their light out to the audience with their presence. This all comes with practice, too, so why not set out to impress your teachers, classmates, friends and audience safe in the knowledge that you can take everything in your stride.

To see the full range of BLOCH’s dancewear, why not visit


Jonathan Gray is editor of Dancing Times. He studied at The Royal Ballet School, Leicester Polytechnic, and Wimbledon School of Art where he graduated with a BA Hons in Theatre Design. For 16 years he was a member of the curatorial department of the Theatre Museum, London, assisting on a number of dance-related exhibitions, and helping with the recreation of original designs for a number of The Royal Ballet’s productions including Danses concertantes, Daphnis and Chloë, and The Sleeping Beauty. He has also contributed to the Financial Times, written programme articles for The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet, and is co-author of the book Unleashing Britain: Theatre gets real 1955-64, published in 2005.

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