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Posted on May 12, 2011

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web-p1010962The UK’s first “encuentro milonguero” Abrazos was successfully run in Totnes last weekend by Lynn Collins and Andreas Wichter. At a milonga for those who prefer quiet interaction to flashy footwork, everything was organised particularly well.

Hanging cubbyholes for street shoes, a food van and announcements to match non-drivers up with lifts were combined with beautiful gardens, rooms, super music, calm and happy people, beautiful embraces, and the kind of social tango that UK dancers have previously travelled to other countries to get. 

Resting her feet after giving the “tango milonguero” workshop, Melina Sedó told tango blogger Ms Hedgehog that she had never seen such a beautiful two-lane ronda in Buenos Aires or anywhere else.  This event was booked out, keep an eye on their website for the next. 

Photograph © Ms Hedgehog

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