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A Summer Like No Other

Posted on August 29, 2012


web-adsc_0081zAs part of her day-by-day countdown to Big Dance Week 2012, July 7–15, Dance Today photographer Carole Edrich posted a different dance-related photo a day on her blog. Now, the other side of Big Dance Week, Carole has decided to continue blogging and sharing her photographs with Dance Today. Here, she talks about what she has posted and why…

Although I had been invited to join the Trinidad and Tobago truck at the Notting Hill Carnival, I couldn’t find it. Instead I joined the lead of six trucks run by party-mad PoisonUK crowd and briefly met the man at the top, whom I hope to interview in the future.

While I did look at other trucks in the parade, PoisonUK kept me pretty busy, the DJs were good and I really enjoyed the novelty of taking photos from the centre of it all. I got some lovely shots and ached all over the morning after, which means the dancing was a more than adequate workout too.

There’s no doubt that the number of dance productions is decreasing as we draw slowly towards the end of the Summer of Dance. This gave me the time to finish processing images from Jairo Barrull’s last performance (his next is October 12) and opportunity to blog two different Taranas, a South Asian dance technique to music that depicts emotions rather than stories).

This week I’ve chosen a photograph of two of the girls from the Poison crew, who posed for me on the way to the Carnival proper. I’ve chosen it for the contrasts of the floaty white on their dark skins and because I now think of this shot as an early taste of things to come.

Nicola Rayner was editor of Dance Today from 2010 to 2015. She has written for a number of publications including The Guardian, The Independent and Time Out Buenos Aires, where she cut her teeth as a dance journalist working on the tango section. Today she continues to dance everything from ballroom to breakdance, with varying degrees of success. Her debut novel, The Girl Before You, was published last year in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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