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Strictly Speaking week 1

It wouldn’t be Strictly without the epic trolling that is the scoring. Welcome back to judgement as alarmingly random as Caligula’s hiring policies. Some celebs benefited from the Week 1 Magic 8-Ball, others have cause to grumble, with particular howlers from Darcey “Year of the Man” Bussell. Those opening the shows had kinder treatment, and […]

October 2015 issue!

New season, new beginnings! With this issue, Dancing Times incorporates our sister magazine, Dance Today, which for nearly 60 years covered all aspects of social dancing. The new combined magazine goes back to our roots: from the beginning, Dancing Times covered all kinds of dance, from the ballroom to the stage. The new issue has […]

September 2015

Next month we are excited to be bringing you a bigger and even better Dancing Times. Running to 124 pages, the magazine will continue to include all the favourites you currently enjoy, but in addition we will be introducing new content by including a range of exciting articles and features covering the worlds of ballroom […]

Strictly Speaking

After seemingly decades of celebrity reveals on every BBC outlet known to man (“Now the ident hippos will announce ‘Peter Andre’ via synchronised swimming!”), Strictly has finally begun in earnest and the pairings unveiled to an eager nation. Well, ish. To address the elephantine crystal ball in the room: this wasn’t so much of a reveal […]

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