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Rokpa kids on tour

Dance Today was lucky enough to be at Kagyu Samye Dzong Centre, Bermondsey, on June 13, for a very special performance by the “Rokpa kids on tour”.

Prize visit for Practice-a-thon winners

As CLIC Sargent’s Practice-a-thon campaign comes to a close this month, the children of Old Park Primary School are very glad to have taken part. The charity CLIC Sargent had offered the school, group or club that raised the most money by holding a sponsored dance event the chance to visit “Strictly” champion Karen Hardy […]

I can dance!

The group icandance – Ballet for Special People will hold its annual show on Saturday, July 7 at artsdepot in London.

Dance at Winchester’s Hat Fair

The Winchester Hat Fair runs from July 6 to 8, transforming the city centre with street art and performances from tea dancing to free running. The widest street in the city will be carpeted over and provided with living room furniture, a paved space will be turfed over as a safe area for under-fivs, while […]

Salsa and Kizomba in Bromley

From June 6, Bromley United Services Club opens its doors to a sizzling new salsa and kizomba club. From beginners to more experienced movers, dancers are offered the chance to get moving in the familiar salsa and the newer kizomba style.

Royal Ballet School Gala

The Royal Ballet School Lower School will host a gala event at White Lodge in Richmond Park on Wednesday, June 20. The gala will raise funds in support of the Isabella Plantation Access Project in Richmond Park.

London Swing Festival

The third annual London Swing Festival is now in, ahem, full swing until June 3. The Bishopsgate Institute, London, EC2M 4QH, will be the venue will be used for the majority of the workshops and social dances that take place over the next three days. It doesn’t matter if you’re new, experienced, shy, brave, suave, goofy […]

Between at the Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse

When we entered the Burton Taylor (the tiny studio attached to the Oxford Playhouse, usually given over to student theatre) it was quite dark, apart from a thin shaft of light, and quite empty, apart from the figure of a woman lying in the middle of the floor. We ranged ourselves against the walls, standing. […]

A Suitcase for All Occasions at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

I was not sure what to expect from Paulette Mae’s A Suitcase for All Occasions. It was very well attended on March 17, and the atmosphere built up outside as we all waited in the foyer to be let in. The programme seemed to suggest – from Mae’s background and the information we were given […]

Watch This Space

For something a bit different, catch an unusual – and risky – Argentine tango performance, Polar, on June 4–5 at National Theatre Watch This Space Festival.  France’s Cie Bilbobasso return to dance the Argentine tango in flames, in a show that tells the story of a woman trying to escape the clutches of a killer, […]

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