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Star Championships

On Sunday, January 29, 2012 the Ballroom Dancers’ Federation (BDF) will be holding the first Star Championships for Juveniles, Juniors, Youths and Seniors I, II and III at the Tower Ballroom, Birmingham. In a new style of competition, there will be no sub-division of ages and no supporting competitions, just the 11 Star Championships plus […]

Tea dance and vintage seaside on the South Bank

The Southbank Centre’s celebration of 1951 and the Festival of Britain continues throughout August, from retro delights to ways of looking forward.

Dance this week: the Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe has started! It sprang up around Edinburgh’s International Festival, and has mushroomed past its official parent, becoming the largest arts festival in the world. For the next three weeks, performances will be squeezed into venues all across the city, from churches and tents to front rooms and even conventional theatres. This year’s […]

Dance this week: stage roundup

Napoletango, a blend of Argentine tango and Neapolitan song, comes to the London Coliseum from Thursday until Saturday. The show has had sellout runs in Italy, and kicks off an international tour with these London performances. (You can read an interview with Napoletango star Pablo Moyano in our current issue.)

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