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Ballet Boyz II

Ballet Boyz II: The Next Generation in Laws of Motion Gene Kelly danced in the rain, and anyone proposing to dance in the open air in the UK should be prepared to do the same. However, a gentle downpour and a wet concrete surface following some hours of rain, prevented Ballet Boyz II from giving […]

July 09

In this month’s Dancing Times, we highlight the careers of two of the world’s leading male dancers. Incredibly, Adam Cooper graduated from The Royal Ballet School 20 years ago this month, and he has since gone on to lead a glittering career in dance, first as a much-admired principal dancer with The Royal Ballet, then […]

Peter Schaufuss Company in Marilyn

Marilyn, The Story of the Silver Screen Goddess Marilyn, the latest “dancical” presented for a limited run by Peter Schaufuss at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End, is based on the life of screen legend Marilyn Monroe. This is the most recent in a series of celebrity-based full-length works that the company has been […]

Tilted Productions in TrAPPED

TrAPPED In the German Democratic Republic-inspired police state of monitored conversations and constant surveillance in Tilted Productions’ TrAPPED, a banana is not just a banana. Bitten into a phallic shape by a guard, it is then hypnotically wound round a woman’s neck and shoulders or used as a telephone and recording device before being finally […]

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