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Hofesh Shechter at The Roundhouse

Uprising, In Your Rooms None of the usual theatrical warnings about switching off your mobiles tonight. Camera phones were sparking all over the place at the Roundhouse in north London, where Hofesh Shechter was storming though a double bill that was more rock gig than dancehouse offering.

The Kosh in The Storeroom at the Unity Theatre Liverpool

Shortly after an evening out with The Kosh I spent an evening in with Alfred Hitchcock.  The evening out at The Storeroom was advertised as “A Magical Cabaret”, and the evening in with BBC 4 announced a documentary feature titled “Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock”. Yet what emerged from this seemingly unrelated juxtaposition was […]

Joaquín Cortés in Unleashed at The Roundhouse

It was hard to convince oneself that Unleashed, the new show by Spanish dance heartthrob and media celebrity Joaquín Cortés, was a dance recital rather than a pop concert. Held for just two nights at Camden’s The Roundhouse (not a particularly good venue for dance on this viewing), the arena area around the centrally placed […]

March 2009

With spring rapidly approaching, many of our younger readers will be starting to think about a future career in dance. This month, we begin a new three-part series by Sheila Cross, examining the various dance options on offer at UK universities. For professional dancers, Amanda Gillespie offers advice on visa requirements for working in the […]

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