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Bounce in Insane in the Brain

Coming from a music culture with built-in swagger, hip hop should be good at rebellion against authority. For their latest show, the Swedish street dance company Bounce has adapted One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. But the dancers’ hearts seem less in the story of psychiatric patients’ revolt than in the feelgood numbers they have […]

Strictly Come Dancing: The Live Tour at The O2

Having enjoyed the quick-stepping action of “Strictly Come Dancing” both from the comfort of my own sofa and live from the BBC studio itself, I wondered how the O2 Arena – with it’s whopping 20,000-person capacity – would compare in terms of intimacy. Can the simmering intensity of Argentine tango really come across in full […]

March 2008

After months of preparation, the mammoth MOVE IT festival of dance and all its appurtenances takes place for the third successive year, at Olympia, starting on Friday, March 7, and continuing through Sunday, March 9. The organisers give a taste of what is on offer on page 45 and we at Dancing Times (visit us […]

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