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100 years of dance in 100 minutes

Posted on August 16, 2016

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The Ragroof Players’ Happy Feet promises to take audiences through a century of dance history, revisiting everything from the Charleston to the cha cha slide. In this participatory show, a team of dancers and DJs lead a dance through the decades.

The company focuses on attracting harder-to-reach audiences, working with communities in their own settings. 400 people took part in an earlier version of Happy Feet, performed in Margate’s Dreamland roller disco.


The show is aimed at all levels of dance experience, with a team of flappers, disco divas and Latino groovers on hand to lead the dance-a-thon. Styles include lindy hop, big band swing, mambo, the rock’n’roll stroll, the Macarena, Uptown Funk and more. The show runs for 100 minutes, with ten minutes of warm up and 90 minutes of dancing. 

Happy Feet is now on tour, with performances in Stoke on Trent, Hull, Dover and Canterbury. Visit for dates and details.

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