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003 dt mar-2015

Inside this month:

Paul Arrowsmith talks to David Bintley about his career as a choreographer and director

Jonathan Gray discusses new choreography for classical ballet with Michael Corder

Zoë Anderson meets contemporary choreographer Robert Cohan on the eve of his 90th birthday celebrations

Dominic Antonucci on “ballet dads”

And much more

Dancing Times - News

assis-carreiro-credit-sylvaine-poitau---compressedKunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen Royal Ballet Flanders has “decided to end its professional relationship with Ms Assis Carreiro” as of July 28, 2014.

square-lizzie-goughThe Sound of Summer competition, part of Change4Life with Disney's 10 Minute Shake Up campaign, invites children to get moving by having a go at learning a brand new dance, specially created by TV dance judge and choreographer Lizzie Gough (pictured).

August 2014 issue! :

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

008 dt august-2014 squareOur August 2014 issue is here, celebrating dance around the world and on the move, from The Royal Ballet in Russia to dancing on the end of a pier.

Rest and win!:

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dancers who post pictures of themselves at rest can win goodies from Dancing Times and Dance UK! With Dance UK, we have launched a social media campaign to promote the importance of rest for dancers. During July and August 2014, dancers are encouraged to share photographs of themselves resting, posted to facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #dancersneedrest.

maryinsky bayadere n.razinaOn July 14, the Maryinsky Ballet’s production of La Bayadère will be broadcast live to cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

sergei openerSergei Polunin, already notorious for leaving companies at short notice, has apparently been dismissed from Stanislavsky Ballet, according to reports from Moscow.

maryinsky-swans-frederika-davisEkaterina Kondaurova, Maria Shirinkina and Daniil Korsuntsev will not be dancing in the Maryinsky Ballet’s London season this summer.

Big Dance 2014:

Wednesday, 02 July 2014

square-451599970 10Big Dance is here! This year’s edition of the biennial celebration of dance runs from July 5 to 13, including performances, the Big Dance Bus Tour and Big Dance Shorts, televised on Channel 4.

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